Client Sign Up Secrets

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 29, 2018
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Join this "hands-on" masterclass focused on finding and signing up motivated clients for your services. We will be working on your coaching and/or entrepreneurial business live. 

During this 90-minute masterclass you will discover: 
  • How to show up powerfully & nail your ONE thing, so you can EASILY attract MOTIVATED leads. NOTE: We're creating YOUR customized "Client Sign up Success Blueprint" LIVE!
  • How to use a prospective client's unique emotional LANGUAGE CODES to create instant rapport, trust and more sign-ups in fewer conversations.   
  • How to STOP sabotaging your success with conflicted energy around money & selling, so you can EASILY ask for money and get it. 
  • PLUS a powerful "money mindset" brain balancing experience...

Darlene Karpaski, MA, NBCCH is a Master Business Coach & Hypnotherapist that has helped more than 6600 clients achieve happier, healthier and wealthier lives through powerful transformation, business and sales skills. She LOVES sharing her Relationships to Revenues Roadmap with mission-driven business owners & professionals ready to create the success they deserve. 

Over 25 years, she's curated innovative methods that embrace the dynamic relationships between thought, energy, language and deliberate action. Her successful wellness leadership & 6-figure businesses demonstrate that navigating these relationships are the linchpins to our professional success and a profoundly meaningful life. 


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