Why Corporate Partnerships need to be your top Fundraising priority.

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Date Apr 19, 2018
Time 05:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
There have been massive shifts in marketing, consumerism and sponsorship over the last decade.  The way brands are targeting their ideal customers is becoming more and more sophisticated.  Geolocation tracking, behavioural targeting and social media are only a few of the complex and clever digital marketing strategies used by companies to connect with their target markets.

In turn, people are making different choices with their purchasing decisions. Consumers (your supporters, members, donors and clients) are starting to demand that their favourite brands stop operating from a place of 'profit at all costs' and start using their influence and reach to help solve some of the world's social, environmental and animal welfare issues. 
As the general public becomes more and more aware (especially our younger pioneering generations) that they hold the real power over brands, one trend continues to gain momentum, and that is people are shopping with their conscience.  They are putting their money where their heart is. 
And the research is conclusive, their heart lies with you, the Charity sector.
But, as a sector, we are not capitalising on this shift as well as we could be.  Join Abby for this webinar as she talks about:
  • the 11 paths to corporate fundraising excellence
  • the vital role you play as gatekeeper to your community of followers 
  • understanding the power of your brand in sponsorship
  • the compelling research that shows you why now is the time to implement corporate partnerships
  • the secret mental checklist sponsors use when they assess your proposal


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