Project Manager to Project Leader - Spring from Managing Change to Kicking Off Change

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Date May 10, 2018
Time 01:30 PM EDT
Cost $129.00
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Course Description:
         Transition from managing and monitoring changes to being the person in defining vision and kick off the changes is vital at numerous levels - company's progress, projects health, team growth, also personal growth. For managing a project, it is important to have a predominant rational and analytical way of thinking, but for your project to be successful you also need to be the one defining it too.
         Classic project manager's mistake is focusing more on "On budget, On scope and on time". Concentrating on deadlines more than adding larger future revenue/ benefit streams is the main difference between strategic-minded leadership and short term management of the project. When there is no vision, generally there is no hope! Just aligning your goals to what is defined by another will end ones the vision is delivered. But taking ownership and responsibility of vision and delivering it as your own - just this redefined attitude will drive your peers, your team and juniors.
         End of the webinar, you will be understanding completely that "The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been" - Henry A. Kissinger

Why should you Attend?
         A real life example of where we needed a project leader and not a project manager is introduction of the Chrysler PT Cruiser. While the Chrysler Corporation had covered a part of the projects necessities i.e. its design, production, and advertising right on key, it didn't consider dealer showroom delivery times. This caused a lot of firefighting till the end for Chrysler Corporation. On average it takes ten successful projects to make up for one really bad project.
In this webinar we target to help project managers understand
  •  Harnessing effects of human performance issues
  •  Complexity, cost and schedule needs of the project
  •  Crucial trade - off that exists between scope, cost, and schedule
  •  Employee turnover and steps to decrease it
  •  Higher cost of negotiation and digging project failure
  •  Addressing systems performance requirements by use metrics and reports
         Many of these lessons are included in Heath's best-selling book, The Attitude Check: Lessons in Leadership.
         Project manager takes pride in being task-oriented and having a predominant rational and analytical way of thinking but for building a high performance team, we need creativity, risk-taking, and vision and have the ability to connect at personal level - we need a project leader. Much of this transformation comes from the use of our attitude.
         Our attitudes are the most important tool in our toolbox. It costs us nothing to purchase, if we use it well it can gain us everything, and if we use it poorly it can cost us everything. How we use it is up to us. Participants will learn how to get the most from their project team by focusing on key attitude changes.

Areas Covered:
  •  What and how to change from doing things right to doing the right things
  •  What change in your behavior will earn you respect not just titles
  •  What attitude change will move you from "safe zone" to thinking bigger
  •  Important metrics and reports in people and project management
  •  How to become a thinker from settling to being do-ers
  •  Learn how to empower your team to make things happen
  •  How to spend time & effort on strategies, visions, inspirations
  •  How to challenge yourself and your team to success
  •  How to deal with mistakes on the project


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