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Date Jun 26, 2018
Time 06:00 AM EDT
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Would you like to reduce your Cloud infrastructure costs without re-architecting? Are you paying more for AWS than you need to?

With IT-enabled innovation being a competitive differentiator, delivering IT systems and running them reliably and cost-effectively is critical. This importance has caused the rapid rise of Spotinst.


* Bring AI to your Public Cloud - making it smarter and 80% cheaper
* Reliably run your production and mission-critical applications at a fraction of their overall computing cost
* Automate and achieve better spot instances predictability and high-availability of applications in the Amazon EC2, Microsoft Low-priority VMs and Google Preemptible VMs.

Ollie Finn - Powerlinks CTO
Karol Ussher, MD, Spotinst UK

Ex-Google/Microsoft and current Managing Director of Spotinst UK - Karol Ussher.
Spotinst has been recommended by AWS during their Cloud optimization training AWSome Day on the 17th January. Spotinst is an AWS partner. Spotinst’s AI and Predictive Analytics allow enterprises -Ticketmaster, Intel, HPand Cisco to reduce their AWS/GCP/Azure computing costs by a massive 80% every month. We've also brought onboard dozens of UK customers including News UK, Vodafone, JustGiving, Clicksco, CognitoIQ, 7Digital, WealRo, Wonderbly, PrismFP, Trackback and many more in the UK.
Recently Spotinst have been tipped as one of the top 10 startups to watch in 2018 and have won the coveted rising star award for fastest growing company.

Spotinst was named as one of the fastest growing companies in 2017 by Insight Success Magazine.

Before the formation of the company, Amiram was the Director of Architecture and Infrastructure, Cloud Platforms at Lycos Global Group. While working on a migration project from an on-premise to a Public Cloud environment, he recognized several loop-holes which he could leverage to achieve better and more efficient performance, while gaining exponential cost reduction from his Cloud infrastructure.
These unique ideas eventually gave birth to Spotinst. With a massive experience of more than nine years, Amiram led the first private Cloud project for the Israeli army and transformed Israeli Defense Force completely as a result.


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