Source Water Protection – Implications for the Food Industry

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 18, 2018
Time 12:30 PM EDT
Cost $213.00
We are reliant on water to support life except for groundwater sources of our potable supplies are under strain by the necessity for water in the food industry. The core of this webinar will discuss the constraints of how portability is presently determined and analyzed prospects for alleviating the threats of waterborne/foodborne illness through the safety of source water using a multi-barrier approach.
Notable criteria discussed in the session:
  • Understand the cornerstone for current microbiological signs for evaluating water potability
  • Be aware of the failure of conventional methods for determining water quality to protect susceptible populations
  • Be aware of some principles and suggestions for source water safety from a microbiological viewpoint
  • Comprehend the possible implications of Source Water Protection Plans on the food industry
Who will benefit from it:
  • Food processors and producers
  • Regulatory authorities in environmental protection and public health
  • Water microbiologists


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