Group Mentor Coaching: Mastery and Confidence

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Date Sep 5, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $1500.00
Are you in need of ICF Mentor Coaching Hours?
  • Are you renewing your ACC Credential?
  • Are you ready to dive into your ACC for the first time?
  • Are you getting prepared for your leap into PCC?
  • Or, are you committed to your own learning and growth, ready to refresh your skills?
A Mentor Coaching Group is an amazing way to get your International Coaching Federation Mentor Coaching Hours + This Group gives you ICF Core Competency CCEUs
  • This is a rich and powerful learning experience
  • Make time to achieve your Professional Goals
  • Group insights and support
  • Practice coaching and get developmental feedback
  • Find you growth edges
  • Discover your strengths and build on them
  • Learn to artfully weave the 11 Core Competencies through your Coaching Conversations
  • Make a bigger difference as you develop the skills to get to the deeper important issues quicker
  • Stay out of the teach, tell, consult and counsel role.
  • Find your unique Coaching Voice, and draw on your client’s wisdom
  • Have fun!
Holding your clients as Whole, Capable, Resourceful, and Creative. Your coaching can empower your clients to get unstuck and to get curious about their stories, develop insights, and get the big “aha’s” that make coaching fun and feeds your soul.
Mentor Coaching Group: Mastery and Confidence

Do you ever feel like you’re:
  • Working harder than your clients?
  • Getting hooked by the stories and drama?
  • Lost trying to figure out what is important to focus on?
  • Coaching to a checkbox?
  • Babysitting clients who don’t follow through with agreements and next steps?
  • The second time, with feeling, Working harder than your clients?
  • Trying to find the big book of powerful questions?
  • Confused as to how to really navigate the competencies?
Well, that was me 5 years ago. Struggling to have my own style, share my unique coaching voice, and still meet the competencies that I knew would support the inside-out growth that I wanted for my clients. If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone.
My journey took me through the fire and out the other side. One of the most important choices I made was to continue to grow myself as a Professional Coach.
I received my Mentor Coaching Certificate through inviteCHANGE, and I became an ICF Certified Mentor Coach as well.
I now work with inviteCHANGE as a Program Leader, plus stay busy doing student mentor coaching sessions and assessments. I have completed the ICF PCC Marker Training.
I have continued to tune my ear for what makes coaching different than other modalities and what behavioral indicators will support you passing your recorded assessments.
I don’t think it’s useful to mentor people to the ACC competencies, my Mentor Coaching supports your development to the PCC Markers. With PCC level competency, you stand the best chance of successfully passing your credentialing assessments.
Are you ready to dive deeper into being a Professional Coach?

Minumum 3 people – Maximum 10 people.

To review options, pricing, and payment options, please visit my website.



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