Inner & Outer Diversity and Inclusion (in 3 "D"): Discovering, Designing, and Delivering an Innovative & Interactive D/I Community

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Date Nov 14, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $179.00

In today's TNT - Time-Numbers-Technology - driven & distracted world, professionals must bring their most complex and creative ideas and skills, insights and strategies to the world of hi-tech and human touch. Also critical is having a 4A workplace environment that fosters Authority, Autonomy, Accountability, and Accessibility. Learn to identify 4A boundaries and to build 4A bridges. Are you ready to create an open, less status-driven "Helmet's Off" culture? First, we must recognize the dynamic nature of group process. Next, we need to help people overcome fear and a sense of loss (of control and status), before we can enable them expand their personal-communicational options and new workplace opportunities. Other D/I keys include a) the ability to tolerate the frustration of a new learning curve, b) embracing novelty and diverse uniqueness, and c) problem-solving from multiple and inclusive-collaborative viewpoints. Discover the Stress Doc's Passion Power Model; and bring it to life with his acclaimed "Confronting the Intimate FOE" and "Discussion-Drawing-Diversity" team-building exercises.
Why should you attend?

In an increasingly diverse and "TNT" world and workplace, employees, teams, and the company or organization as a whole need to be able to "walk the diversity/inclusion" talk. Creating a D/I community must create group structures for open, honest, and safe - Helmet's Off" - sharing. In addition, there is also an inside creative challenge: helping employees recognize, develop, and apply the diversity that we all have within ourselves. This webinar is for anyone who wishes to be more "Emotionally Intelligent, Resilient, and Creative!"

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Distinguish between "There's no 'I' in Team" but "There Are Two 'I's in WINNING"
  • Discover the Five "A"s of Arousing, Connecting & Energizing (ACE) Communication-Leadership: Attention-Anticipation-Animation-Activation-Actualization
  • Learn to become a leader/energy magnet when you bring your head and heart, purpose, passion, and playfulness to any interpersonal/team encounter
  • Review the Stress Doc's Grief Stages and Eight "F"s of Managing Loss & Change
  • Learn to "let go": how a set viewpoint or successful theoretical framework becomes outmoded and exclusionary
  • Review the Four Stages of Group Dynamics: "Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing (or Conforming)"; discover tools and techniques for strengthening emotional intelligence
  • Discover the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles Survey
  • Discover how to defuse a critical aggressor and how everyday divisive language heightens status distinctions and impedes inclusion
  • Discover the Stress Doc "Five 'P's of Passion Power Model for Building "Inner" Diversity and being a more captivating/compelling communicator
  • Discover the Doc's "Confronting the Intimate FOE" and 3-D - Discussion-Drawing-Diversity-Exercise; "take home" imaginative, morale-building, and collaborative problem-solving tools
  • Discover the Stress Doc's "Top Ten" Skills, Structures & Strategies for building and evolving "helmet's off," more committed, and collaborative teams
Who can Benefit:

Attendees will learn to recognize and further develop their own capacity for internal diversity and inclusion, especially around "Passion Power": being Purposeful-Provocative-Passionate-Playful. In a 3-D small group exercise, they will share this diversity with others, and how shared inner and outer diversity inclusion creates interpersonal and team synergy. This dynamic and fun exercise has take-home and team-building value for their workplace (and even their home/family environments).





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