HR Files Know-How: Keeping Your Employment Records (and You) Organized

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Date Nov 16, 2018
Time 03:30 PM EDT
Cost $179.00

Any HR professional knows that a major part of their responsibility is keeping the company's personnel files organized - for many legal reasons, but also because it helps to keep your operations go smoothly. Just as important, it helps keep you organized so you won't derail or become distracted during your already busy day.

This course will give you a framework for your recordkeeping and employee-related retention system while considering governmental requirements. It will also help you create a sensible plan for staying organized. 
In this webinar, you will learn about recordkeeping obligations imposed on employers by federal and state employment laws, glean best practices, and consider strategies and tactics that you could apply to your organization.

Why should you attend?

Personnel records comprise a source of key information and data for any business and its organization is a key indicator of a healthy business. This information housed in personnel records need to be safeguarded for privacy and compliance reasons. Additionally, it can also be a source of strategic business input if you're able to access key information quickly and efficiently. For these reasons, implementing and maintaining an organized records management system is critical. This training will help you to not only get your files in order. It will help you to maintain order and organization for your personnel files - and for you.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Design and perform a records retention audit.
  • Plan, develop, and implement a records management program.
  • Identify the types of records, forms, and documents you should maintain access to, archive, or destroy.
  • Assess methods for storing and accessing sensitive documents and information, including security considerations.
  • How to maintain proper records on an ongoing basis.
  • Review tips and tricks to keep records (and yourself) organized.
Who can Benefit:
  • Human resources professionals - all levels
  • For small- and medium-size businesses: President, Vice President, Director, CFO, Controller, General Counsel
  • Functional areas: Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Legal
  • Start-up's and new, growing enterprises
  • Small- and medium-size businesses
  • Businesses without a human resources department
  • Businesses with a single-person human resources department
  • Businesses with a remote HR leader located in another city
  • Single-person HR department leaders
  • Anyone with administrative responsibilities for employee-related file retention
  • Anyone with leadership oversight of employee-related information


Contact: 302-830-3132


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