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Date Nov 21, 2018
Time 08:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

You've heard there's money to be made in property investment to secure your financial future, but lack the knowledge or time to give it a second thought. Sound like you?

As an ADF member you are potentially in a much better position than most to become a SUCCESSFUL property investor.

Do You Want To Know How To:

•Make money while you sleep.
•Understand the truth about property and how you can create wealth simply and easily.
•Build your property portfolio quickly, while minimising risk.
•Pick great properties and predict property boom locations.
•Use your ADF entitlements to buy property (and discover why it’s a good idea).
•Pay off your home super-fast, and invest at the same time.
•Reduce your tax, and maximise your cash flow.

Learn what real, actionable steps you can put in place to achieve your goals through property investment.

Register for our free Live and Interactive ADF Webinar. We truly believe far too many ADF members waste a great opportunity to become successful property investors and secure their financial future, don't be one of them!

LIMITED numbers available for this webinar. Registrations close 7:30pm AEST Wednesday November 21st. So secure your seat and attend from the comfort of your own home.

“Sharp to the point, a lot of rookie mistakes I didn’t know I made… definitely speak to the experts before you do anything!” - Chris

“Great opportunity to learn more about something you’re not taught through school!” - Brodie

The only thing you'll regret, is not having invested in your education sooner!

ADF Live Webinar | 1930 21st November 2018


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