Get The Formula To Elevate Your Value Fast & Give Yourself A Raise!

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 5, 2014
Time 03:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
Make 2014 your best year yet for your business and life! If you are a business owner, expert or trainer, you need to be on this Webinar!
Jena will train you on:
• Discover the 3-step formula for elevating the value you see in your OWN business so that your clients feel it too (and will pay for it!)
• Learn what IS necessary to attract clients you LOVE! Plus, when you work with the RIGHT people, you guessed it…your value increases!
• Brand strategy is a game-changer for small business owners; learn a strategy that magically increases your value as well!
Kim will train you on:
• How to organize, systematize, and automate your work so you can grow your business to its potential
• How to prioritize your business to-do list
• How to get money right NOW in your business!

YOU need to be on this webinar!


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