Free Webinar "Case-lessons: It is EASY, informative and entertaining. Episode 2."

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Date Jan 24, 2018
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
WEBINAR HELD ON January24, 2019 at 8am NYTime!!!

We continue the cycle of webinars on case-lessons!

The Case-lessons were created as the universal, unique and innovative product which allows your child to get theoretical knowledge and competencies according to the school curriculum as well as implement them in real life.

You can help your child to enjoy the studying process. It is so important and so easy in the same time.

A mix of school subjects and entertaining useful information, convenient infographics, lots of illustrations, interesting tasks and many other modern educational methods will arouse the child’s interest in learning.

We would like to invite you to the second webinar of the cycle “Case-lessons – it is easy and entertaining!”

During the webinars you not only get acquainted with the case-lessons but also get the answers to the actual questions. Our team of professionals will share the secrets of success lessons' conducting. You will receive a lot of interesting information from the authors and case-lessons’ developers. For the first time, they will share with you their innovative ideas.

At the second webinar you will:
  • Find out the difference between the ordinary lessons and the case-lessons.
  • Understand how any school teacher can conduct the case-lesson of 10 subjects easily.
  • Figure out and reveal what is the optimal amount of the case-lesson’s scans especially for you.
  • Learn how to “do fitness for the brains” and improve team work skills of your children.
  • Find out how not to be the Professor Almighty as well as how to deal with unexpected children’s questions. Also, you will find the solution what to do with the parents which want to come to the lesson.
There are also so much interesting and useful information which help you to make your case-lessons more effective, motivating and memorable!

Learning through playing, memorizing without efforts - these are the basic rules of case-lessons! The case-lessons only can tell easily and entertainingly about the most difficult in simple words.

Live broadcast* of the second webinar from the cycle "Case-lessons: It is EASY, informative and entertaining!" will be held on January24, 2019 at 8am NYTime.

Participation in the webinar is free!

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